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Digital Audio Transformers
Digital Audio

SMD Transformers
75 or 110 Ohm Zo, 28 - 192 kHz Sample Rate, 22...36 dB higher CMRR, Lowest Jitter, Lowest Interwinding Capacitance

SC937-02, SC947-02

Surface Mount 9.5 x 5 mm x 11 mm


Common Mode Rejection Comparison

Jitter Histogram Comparison Test


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Scientific Conversion is your source for the world's most advanced Digital Audio Transformers: Our broad line of Digital Audio Transformers ( low jitter transformer ) includes S/PDIF Transformers , AES/EBU Transformer , transformers for conversion between S/PDIF or AES3id (75 Ohm unbal) and AES/EBU (110 Ohm bal), splitters for one AES/EBU input to drive two outputs, Digital Microphone transformer , AES/EBU splitters , aes3 transformers , AES Transformers , AES/EBU Transformers ,and custom transformers made to your specifications.  Our full line of thru-hole, SMD and RoHS complaint parts are usually available from stock. With over 15 years of Digital Audio Transformer research and manufacture, Scientific Conversions transformers provide your products with a significant (15...35 dB) advantage in jitter, common mode rejection and EMI susceptibility. Please explore all the material in our website, Scientificonversion .com (please note, not Scientificconversion .com, not Scientificconversions .com nor Scientificonversions .com!) for the latest in Digital Audio Transformers technology. Digital Audio transformers

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